Waknaghat/Solan – Bahra University has announced a collaboration with Microsoft and the Institute of Translational Health Science (IITHS) to introduce advanced courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Health Sciences. This strategic partnership aims to deliver cutting-edge education and research opportunities, establishing new benchmarks in AI, Embryology, Nutrigenetics and Stem Cell research.

Gurvinder Singh Bahra, Chancellor of Bahra University, announced the launch of Himachal Pradesh’s first comprehensive Clinical Embryology program. This program is designed to provide a robust foundation in the rapidly evolving disciplines of Embryology, Nutrigenetics and Stem Cell research, focusing on the intricate relationships between nutrition, genetics, and stem cells.

Chancellor Bahra emphasized the significance of the new Nutrigenetics program, which includes a range of courses tailored to meet various academic and professional aspirations. In addition to the health science courses, the university has also introduced a B.Tech CSE program in collaboration with Microsoft, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. This program is poised to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the burgeoning field of AI.

“The collaboration with Microsoft and IITHS brings a wealth of expertise and resources to our students at an affordable cost,” stated Chancellor Bahra. “IITHS is renowned for its research in nutritional genomics and personalized nutrition. This partnership ensures that our students receive education and training aligned with the latest scientific advancements and industry standards.”

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Satbir Singh Sehgal underscored the importance of introducing these socially and industry-relevant courses in North India. “In an initiative, Bahra University has decided to launch these programs designed by experts to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills,” he said. “Students will have access to advanced laboratories and research centers, ensuring they are well-prepared for careers in academia, research, healthcare and various industries.”

The new programs will commence in the upcoming academic year, offering students unique opportunities to engage with the latest developments in AI and health sciences, and paving the way for significant contributions to these dynamic fields.