HP GK Questions with Answers & Quiz

Q. Baspa river is a tributary of which river?



Q. Borasu Pass Connects Himachal with which state?



Description: Borasu Pass (el. 5,450 m or 17,880 ft) connects Kinnaur district of Himachal to Uttrakhand. Borasu pass was an ancient trade route between Har ki Doon valley and Kinnaur valley. Borasu Pass divides Uttarakhand from Himachal Pradesh.

The pass is located only a few kilometers from the Tibet border.

The east part of the Borasu area comes out from Tons valley and the north-west part is merged with Baspa valley. Its north-west range comes down on Jhukia Glacier. The nearest village, Chitkul, is 20.3 km away from the pass on the Himachal (Kinnaur valley) side and Osla village on the Uttarakhand side of the pass.

Q. Sex-sorted Semen Facility is coming up at which place?



Description: The Himachal Pradesh Government is setting up a Sex-Sorted Semen Facility Centre at a cost of Rs. 47.50 crore. For establishing this centre, 90 per cent grant will be given by the Central government and the state government will be providing the remaining 10 per cent money. In Sex-Sorted Semen Facility centre, such injections will be prepared for indigenous cow breeds that will produce only female calves. 740 kanals of land have been selected for the establishing Sex-Sorted Semen Facility Centre in Lamlahdi of Kutlehar Assembly constituency in Una district.

Q. Which State is a Theme state at 34th International Surajkund Crafts Mela?


Himachal Pradesh

Description: Himachal Pradesh is a theme state of 34th International Surajkund Crafts Mela. Earlier, Himachal was theme state at the Craft Fair in 1996.

Theme Gates of Bhimakali Temple, Sakaya Tangyud Monastery Spiti, Chamba Millennium gate, Chhinnamastika Shaktipeeth, Chindi Mata and Jwalamukhi temple gate were erected at the famous Surajkund Crafts Mela.

Q. Rohru is located on the bank of which river?



Description: Pabbar river originate from Chandranahan lake. Lake is located on the south-eastern slopes of the main Himalayas which lies to the north west of Rohru in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. Chandranahan lake is a revered lake for the inhabitants of the valley.