HP GK Questions with Answers & Quiz

Q. What is the name of only sanctuary in Himachal reporting the presence of Kashmir Stag?


Gamgul Siahbehi Wildlife Sanctuary

Description: Gamgul Siyabehi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the lap of Bhandal Valley in Chamba district. Gamgul Siyabehi Wildlife Sanctuary is considered only sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh where the endangered species of Kashmir Stag is found.

Q. Which Pass connects Lahaul with Zanskar?


Kang La Pass

Description: The Kang La Pass connects Lahaul with Zanskar valley on to the Ladakh. Kang La Pass was the traditional route used by Lahaulis to cross over into Zanskar.

Q. Shingo La connects Himachal with which Indian region?



Description: Shingo-la is a mountain pass in India, on the border between Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. There is a shallow lake or pool 20m below the pass. The pass is on a long-distance footpath linking Zanskar and Lahaul, used often by locals and trekkers alike.

This pass may be considered as an entry point to Lugnak Valley in Zanskar. The nearest inhabited village on Zanskar side is Kurgiakh and on the Lahaul side is Chikka.

Q. Debsa Pass connects Kullu with which district?


Debsa Pass

Description: Debsa Pass is a 5360-metre-high (17590 ft) mountain pass in the Himalaya mountains between the Kullu and Spiti Districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Q. Sher Jung used to write Urdu poetry under the penname