HP GK Questions with Answers & Quiz

Q. Which Scheme is rolled out to promote ‘Zero budget Natural Farming’?


Prakritik kheti-khushhal Kisan

Description: In order to encourage ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming’ in the state, a new scheme ‘Prakritik kheti-Kaushal Kisan’ was launched with a budget provision of Rs. 25 crore. Under the scheme farmers would be provided training, necessary equipments, bio-pesticides, bio-insecticides, etc. The scheme was rolled in September 2018.

Q. Which pass separates Chamba from Lahaul?


Chobia Pass

Description: Chobia Pass is among the second highest altitude pass in the Pir Pangal range located at an elevation of 4966 m. The pass connects Chamba with Lahaul across the Pir Panjal range.

Q. Which pass separates Mandi from Kullu?


Dulachi Pass

Q. Suraj Tal Lake is located in which district?


Lahaul Spiti

Description: Suraj Tal Lake is a sacred body of water lies just below the Bara-lacha-la pass (4,890m) in the Lahaul and Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh. Suraj Tal Lake is the third highest lake in India, and the 21st-highest in the world.

Suraj Tal Lake is the source of Bhaga River which joins the Chandra River downstream at Tandi to form the Chandrabhaga River in Himachal Pradesh territory, and as it enters Jammu and Kashmir it is renamed as the Chenab River. The Bhaga River (a tributary of the Chandrabhaga or Chenab) originates from Suraj Taal.

Q. Who was the first Governor of Himachal Pradesh?


S. Chakravarti

Description: S. Chakravarti is first Governor of Himachal Pradesh. He assumed office on 25 January 1971 and left on 16 February 1977