HP GK Questions with Answers & Quiz

Q. Where is the Mahima Public Library?



Description: Mahima Library is one of oldest library in Himachal. It’s housed at Nahan in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. The library that was constructed in 19th century. It has been dedicated to Princess Mahima, daughter of Maharaja Shamsher Prakash, since she was keen of reading and had a wish that every person in the area should adopt the habit of reading. However, princess Mahima died at the age of 12, and in memory of her, Maharaja Shamsher Prakash established library.

Q. In which scripture is the war between Divodas and Shambhar mentioned?


Rig Veda

Q. In Which Year Rabinder Nath Tagore visited Dalhousie?



Description: Novel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore visited Dalhousie in the summer of 1873 with his father Maharishi Debendra Natha Tagore visited Dalhousie.

Q. Which Pass connects Parbati valley on the Kullu side with the Pin valley on the Spiti side?


Pin Parbati Pass

Description: The Pin Parbati Pass is a mountain pass in Himachal Pradesh at 5,319 meters. Pin Parbati Pass connects the fertile and lush Parbati valley on the Kullu side with the Pin valley on the Spiti side.

Q. In which year Himachal become Part C State?


26 January 1950

Description: Himachal became a Part ‘C’ state on 26 January 1950 with the implementation of the Constitution of India and the Lieutenant Governor was appointed. The Legislative Assembly was elected in 1952.