About Us

The News Himachal is a leading digital news platform giving voice to the voiceless and addressing socio-economic and political issues concerning the state of Himachal Pradesh. 

When the entire media is busy selling despair and anguish, TheNewsHimachal.com is devoted to collecting and publishing factful news because people are ambushed in a loop of stories full of fear and sensationalism.

We  follow and encourage ‘constructive journalism’ – which is about journalism focused on the truthfulness of news and resolutions rather than following a decades-old mantra – “if it bleeds, it leads.” It doesn’t mean that we are ignoring facts, or taking an unperceptive approach to grave issues. It’s about showing the good and the bad in the right context.

We cover anything significant happening in the 55,673 square kilometers territory of the state in its entirety, and always endeavor to deliver a decluttered coverage of current affairs and breaking news that puts various complex and ever-changing power dynamics of the state into perspective.

Besides news related to society, travel, and politics, we love telling stories of everyday life, history, and the rich culture of the land of gods. 

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