Solan – In a bizarre turn of events, a resident of Solan, Aman Goyal, orchestrated his own abduction in a desperate attempt to extort money from his family. The unusual case was revealed by SP Gaurav Singh, who provided details of the incident and subsequent investigation.

The ordeal began when Abhay Goyal, Aman’s brother and a resident of Kathed bypass, received a disturbing WhatsApp message from Aman’s phone number around 6:30 PM. The message, sent by one of Aman’s friends, informed Abhay that Aman had been taken hostage and demanded a ransom of Rs 1 lakh to be transferred within an hour. The message also included a photo of Aman appearing unconscious, heightening the family’s distress.

Abhay immediately reported the incident to Police Station Sadar Solan. Acting swiftly, the police registered a case and launched an investigation. They reviewed CCTV footage from various locations in the city and conducted a technical analysis of Aman’s mobile phone and connections. This meticulous work led them to trace Aman’s location to a road near the Gurudwara in the Shahpur area of Haryana.

Upon his recovery, Aman confessed to the police that he had fabricated the abduction story. He explained that he was under significant stress due to the demanding nature of his bakery business and was in urgent need of money. His frustration drove him to concoct the false abduction scheme in hopes of obtaining financial relief from his family.

SP Gaurav Singh stated that legal action is being taken against Aman for orchestrating the false abduction plot. The case serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which individuals might go when faced with financial desperation. It underscores the importance of addressing mental and emotional stress in the workplace.