Unscientific Mining Blamed for Frequent Landslides on NH-707

Nahan – A massive landslide on the Paonta Sahib-Hatkoti National Highway (NH-707) has brought traffic to a standstill and caused panic among residents and travellers. The incident occurred late Monday evening, approximately eight kilometers before Shillai, in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

The landslide, resulting from a hill collapse, has left a significant amount of debris and large stones on the highway, leading to long queues of vehicles on both sides. Stranded travellers have been forced to continue their journey on foot, abandoning their vehicles to reach their destinations.

This unexpected landslide has caused alarm among the locals and travellers, especially since it occurred before the onset of the monsoon rains. Residents report that the landslide was triggered by unscientific mining and construction activities by companies working on the National Highway. These activities have reportedly destabilized the hillside, causing frequent landslides in the area.

Local residents have expressed their frustration and fear, highlighting that this is not an isolated incident. They claim that since the construction of the National Highway began, landslides have become a recurring problem, often leading to extended road closures. These disruptions have severely impacted daily life, isolating communities and making it difficult for people to connect with surrounding areas.

The administration is currently working to clear the debris and restore traffic flow on the highway. However, the recurring nature of such landslides calls for a thorough investigation and potentially a reassessment of the construction and mining practices in the area to prevent future incidents.