Nahan — A teacher from a High School in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh has been suspended for attending an election rally of a BJP candidate, following a complaint and subsequent investigation by the Election Commission. The teacher, Prashant Sharma, now faces suspension from his services.

The incident came to light when a complaint was lodged through the C-Vigil app, highlighting that photos of Sharma attending a rally featuring State BJP President Dr. Rajeev Bindal, other leaders, and candidate Suresh Kashyap had surfaced on social media. This raised concerns about a violation of the Model Code of Conduct, which mandates neutrality of government employees during election periods.

Upon receiving the complaint, the District Election Officer initiated an investigation and sought a response from Sharma. However, his explanation was deemed unsatisfactory. Consequently, the Election Commission directed the Education Department to take action against the teacher.

The Deputy Director of the Elementary Education Department also sought a detailed response from Sharma, which again did not meet the required standards. This led to the suspension of Prashant Sharma, with his headquarters now set at GSSS Shillai for the duration of the suspension.

The case underscores the strict enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct to ensure fair and unbiased election processes. The authorities remain vigilant in maintaining the integrity of government officials during election periods, emphasizing the importance of neutrality in upholding democratic principles.