In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, the Solan Police have seized 37 kilograms of charas in the Ani area of Kullu. Valued at approximately Rs 5 crore in the national market, this seizure marks a major blow to the illicit drug trade network operating in the region.

The operation unfolded following the interrogation of an individual apprehended with one kilogram of charas in the Dharampur area. The suspect had reportedly transported the charas to Solan as a sample, with intentions to facilitate larger deals spanning states including Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Goa.

The arrested individual, identified as Harjeet Singh, son of Mukhtiyar Singh, hailing from village Fatehpur, tehsil Rampur, district Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh), was intercepted by police on May 9 while driving a Celerio car on the Subathu-Dharampur road. Upon his arrest, one gram of charas was recovered from his possession.

According to SP Solan Gaurav Singh, Harjeet Singh is a key figure in the drug smuggling circuit, with prior involvement documented in a case registered at the Bahadurgarh Sadar police station in Jhajjar district, Haryana. Harjeet Singh has been remanded to five-day police custody following his court appearance.

Further investigations revealed that the seized charas was intended as a sample to finalize a significant narcotics transaction. A coordinated effort involving a 19-member joint team comprising the police detection cell and Dharampur police station, under the leadership of IPS Abhishek Kaundal, led to a raid in the Ani area of Kullu district.

After hours of meticulous tracking in the forests, late into the night, authorities successfully recovered approximately 36 kilograms of high-quality hashish based on information provided by the apprehended suspect. The total seizure in the operation amounted to 37 kilograms of hashish.

This operation stands out as one of the largest drug busts in recent years within Himachal Pradesh, underscoring the persistent efforts of law enforcement agencies to curb the illegal drug trade. The investigation into the matter is ongoing, with authorities committed to unraveling the entire network involved in drug trafficking across state borders.