Shimla: Coronavirus cases in India has crossed tally of 5000 today. Virus has spread in 32 States and Union territories so far and 142 have died so far.

Maharashtra is worse hit with total tally 1018 cases. Only Mumbai city has tested over 150 coronaviruses positive cases. 55 people have lost their lives in the state. 69 positive cases were reported today in Tamil Nadu and total tally has jumped to 690 till now.

Union Capital Delhi has 3rd highest cases of coronavirus. It has tested total 525 positive cases.  

Coronavirus has gripped entire nation as northeast states Tripura, Mizoram have found virus positive. Among North-East Assam is worst hit with 27 positives. Easternmost Arunachal Pradesh has tested lone coronavirus case, while southernmost Tamil Nadu has second highest tally of 690 so far. Westernmost Gujarat has recorded 165 positive cases, while Union Territories Jammu and Kashmir has 125 positive cases. 16 added today only.      

Himachal Pradesh has so far found 18 virus cases and two patients had already lost their lives. Today again state is waiting for the result of 8 suspected cases at IGMC Shimla and report is likely to come by 8 PM today.  

To restrict the virus spread, the union government has imposed nationwide lockdown, but despite best effort from the government, irresponsibility of many citizens and not following govt’s precautions, bug is spreading swiftly now in entire nation. Highly populated Uttar Pradesh has so far 305 cases, while Bihar has found 32 corona cases.