80 Youths Linked to Chitta Supplier Arrested in Solan District Crackdown

In a significant crackdown on the illicit drug trade, the Special Team of Solan District Police has made startling revelations, with a government employee implicated in a chitta smuggling ring. The arrest comes as part of a broader operation targeting the distribution network of this dangerous narcotic substance.

The apprehension unfolded following investigations, triggered by the interrogation of two individuals from Shimla district, Raman Ravi Verma and Ravi Sharma. On May 3, police intercepted the duo while they were smuggling chitta in a taxi from Dharmpur towards Solan. The subsequent search led to the seizure of approximately 9 grams of chitta from the suspects.

Raman Ravi Verma, 26, a resident near Tibetan Monastery Dhar Sanjauli Shimla, and Ravi Sharma, 31, residing in Bhattakufar Chamiyana, were arrested and produced before the court. Shockingly, further investigations unveiled that Ravi Sharma, a government employee working as a stenographer in the Public Works Department, had prior involvements in drug-related activities, with a previous case dating back to 2023.

The scope of the investigation widened as authorities delved deeper into the network’s operations. It was revealed that the accused had orchestrated purchases exceeding Rs 3 lakh from the main supplier, identified as Pradeep Kumar, a 28-year-old resident of Plykala district Lakhimpur-Kheri Uttar Pradesh, currently residing in Derabassi, Mohali. Pradeep Kumar, known for his history of chitta smuggling, was apprehended in a coordinated operation.

Additionally, the team from Police Station Sadar apprehended Himmat, the financial handler of chitta supply, aged 22 and hailing from Varwala Panchkula, Haryana. The extensive network uncovered by law enforcement authorities underscores the gravity of the situation and the concerted efforts to dismantle such criminal enterprises.

SP Solan Gaurav Singh affirmed the commitment of the police to combat the menace of drug trafficking in the region.