Shimla – In a significant political turnaround, Indu Verma, a well-known personality from Theog, has officially rejoined the BJP at the party’s Shimla office. This move marks a significant shift in the political landscape of Himachal Pradesh.

Indu Verma’s return to the BJP comes after a brief stint with the Congress party in 2022, during which she contested the assembly election independently after being overlooked for a party ticket. State BJP President, Dr. Rajeev Bindal, extended a warm welcome to Verma, presenting her with traditional symbols of party allegiance – a patka, cap, and garland.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Rajeev Bindal underscored the widespread disillusionment prevailing among the masses towards the incumbent Congress government in the state. He criticized Congress’s reliance on deceptive tactics to gain power and highlighted the party’s failure to fulfill its promises, particularly regarding financial aid for women and employment opportunities for youth.

Bindal lauded the support extended by the central Modi government during times of crisis, citing substantial financial assistance and additional funds for various welfare schemes in Himachal Pradesh. However, he lamented the Congress government’s failure to effectively utilize these resources, instead opting for blame-shifting and empty rhetoric.

Acknowledging the frustrations of the public, Bindal criticized the Congress regime for its lack of responsiveness to the people’s needs and concerns. With elections looming on the horizon, Bindal cautioned against the Congress’s populist tactics, cautioning voters against falling for hollow promises and superficial initiatives.