In his first press presence after the assembly election, former Industries Minister Kishen Kapoor criticized the few state BJP leaders for indulging in a blame game and making Shanta Kumar responsible for party’s defeat in the Assembly poll.

Kapoor said that few party leaders (without naming them) are trying to defame Shanta Kumar and trying to sideline the senior leader on the pretext of wrong distribution of the party ticket. He added that blaming Shanta Kumar for the assembly poll defeat is wrong. He advised big leader of party to look their performance before leveling any allegation against party stalwart. He said that Kangra is not a sole reason for the party defeat, other districts like Hamirpur, where BJP secure only three out of five seats, Una two and in Shimla, party had secured single seat.

Kapoor attributed the rival candidates’ presence in the poll for defeat of party candidates and blamed warring leaders for their candidatures. He also blamed his party led previous government for discrimination against Kangra district and asked them to share the responsibility of the defeat.

In the press conference at Dharamshala, Kapoor hailed Shanta Kumar’s role effort to raise party from grassroots level and spread to the remotest part of the state. He advised Shanta Kumar’s distracters within the party for introspect before leveling any allegation against him.