Dr. Bindal Alleges Cronyism, Misuse of State Resources, Unprecedented Power for Non-Public Representatives, Financial Mismanagement, Halted Public Services and Rising Crime Amidst Job Losses

Shimla — In a vehement critique, BJP state president Dr. Rajiv Bindal has branded the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu-led Congress government in Himachal Pradesh as a “Friends-Only Club.” Dr. Bindal, in his press statement, accused the government of prioritizing the interests of a select few over the needs of the general public.

Dr. Bindal stated, “The current Sukhvinder government of Congress is a government of friends, by friends, for friends. It is neither the government of Hamirpur, nor Kangra, nor Mandi, nor Solan, nor Shimla. It is only a government that loots the state treasury for the benefit of friends.” He emphasized that the administration is focused on enriching its close associates by misappropriating state resources, rather than addressing the needs of the broader population.

The BJP leader criticized the unprecedented misuse of power within the administration, alleging that many individuals who are not public representatives have been granted cabinet minister status along with perks such as cars, bungalows, and various powers funded by the state. “In the 70-year history of Himachal Pradesh, it has never happened that dozens of non-public representatives have been made cabinet ministers and given cars, bungalows, and various kinds of powers from the state treasury,” Dr. Bindal said.

Dr. Bindal contrasted these perks with Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu’s public statements about an empty treasury. He highlighted the administration’s borrowing spree of ₹30,000 crores, with plans for an additional ₹9,000 crores in loans, while providing no tangible benefits to the public. “On one hand, Sukhvinder ji says that my treasury is empty. On the other hand, he has taken a loan of Rs. 30,000 crores and is going to take another loan of Rs. 9000 crores, but there is not a single penny for the public,” he remarked.

The BJP president detailed the adverse impact of the government’s policies on the common people, stating that essential services and benefits have been halted. “Uniforms for school children are stopped, drinking water is stopped in every village, electricity is stopped, NPA of doctors is stopped, development works are stopped, institutes providing jobs are closed, Himcare for treatment, Ayushman card is stopped, benefits for retirees are stopped,” he enumerated, emphasizing that the only active government initiative is the recruitment of friends to cabinet positions.

Dr. Bindal also lambasted the Sukhu Governemnt for failing to deliver on its promise of creating one lakh government jobs, accusing it instead of eliminating existing jobs. He expressed deep concern over rising incidents of crime, including rapes, murders, killings, and the proliferation of drug mafias, which he argued are being neglected as the government prioritizes the welfare of its friends over public safety and development.