Dharamshala – The Himachal Pradesh School Education Board has announced that it will declare the results of the 12th board examinations in the first week of May. Dr. Major Vishal Sharma, Secretary of the School Education Board in Dharamshala, confirmed this decision, highlighting the challenges the board faced in meeting its initial timeline.

Initially, the Himachal Pradesh School Education Board had planned to be the first in the country to announce examination results. However, this plan was thwarted due to a series of setbacks, primarily stemming from changes in the examination datesheet and a shortage of teachers available for evaluation work.

Dr. Sharma expressed disappointment over the failure to meet the initial goal, attributing it to various factors. He stated that pressure from teachers led to changes in the examination datesheet, disrupting the original plan. Additionally, when it was time for evaluation, many evaluation centers faced a shortage of appointed teachers, preventing the commencement of the evaluation process.

The board management had implemented special measures, including the use of advanced technology, to expedite the result declaration process. In a departure from traditional methods, the board had arranged for the marks of answer sheets to be fed directly at the evaluation centers. This was aimed at streamlining the process and reducing the time taken for result compilation. However, the shortage of teachers at evaluation centers hindered the smooth execution of this plan.

Despite the setbacks, the Himachal Pradesh School Education Board remains committed to ensuring the timely release of examination results. The utilization of innovative technology and revised processes reflects the board’s dedication to enhancing efficiency in result declaration procedures.

Stay tuned for further updates on the release of the 12th exam results from the Himachal Pradesh School Education Board.