Dharamshala – In response to the ongoing truck drivers’ strike that poses a potential threat to the supply of petrol and diesel in the Kangra district, District Magistrate Dr. Nipun Jindal has issued an urgent order directing petrol pump operators to maintain a minimum reserve of fuel for emergency needs.

The district administration is taking proactive steps to mitigate the impact of the strike on essential services and emergency vehicles. According to the order, petrol pump operators are mandated to keep a specific reserve based on their storage capacities. Petrol pumps with storage capacities exceeding 25,000 liters are required to reserve 3,000 liters of diesel and 2,000 liters of petrol, while those with capacities below 25,000 liters must reserve 2,000 liters of diesel and 1,000 liters of petrol.

To prevent hoarding and ensure equitable distribution, the order restricts dealers from refilling more than 10 liters at a time. In cases of urgency, prior approval from the relevant Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) is mandatory. Additionally, the transportation of petrol and diesel in any type of container is strictly prohibited during this period.

In a bid to prioritize critical services, emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire brigades, along with public transport, will be given precedence for refuelling. The district administration has emphasized its commitment to cracking down on hoarding and black marketing of fuel, ensuring that strict legal action will be taken against any violators.

The order warns that violations will be subject to legal consequences under Section 3(1)(c) of the Himachal Pradesh Hoarding and Profiteering Enforcement Order 1977. The district administration urges residents and businesses to cooperate with the directives to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of essential services during this challenging time.

As the situation evolves, authorities are closely monitoring developments and will take further necessary actions to address any potential disruptions in the fuel supply chain.