Shimla – In a welcome turn of events, private bus operators in Shimla have decided to abandon their planned strike, ensuring that buses will continue to operate without disruptions. The last-minute decision comes as a relief to commuters who were anticipating potential challenges in transportation.

The Shimla City Private Bus Driver and Conductor Union officially announced the cancellation of the impending strike, putting an end to earlier uncertainties. The union had initially raised concerns and submitted a memorandum outlining their intent to protest against the recently implemented hit-and-run law by the Central Government.

Akhil Gupta, the General Secretary of the Shimla City Private Bus Driver and Conductor Union, confirmed that the union had submitted a memorandum outlining their intentions to Deputy Commissioner Shimla, Aditya Negi. The memorandum had initially declared the suspension of bus services on Wednesday as a form of protest against the hit-and-run law. Following the successful agreement, Gupta stated that the strike had been officially called off. As a result, drivers and conductors are set to resume their services, ensuring the normal operation of private buses in the region.

The cancellation of the strike means that private buses will resume their regular services in Shimla, ensuring that the public does not face any inconvenience. Vinod Sharma, HRTC Regional Manager Dhali, expressed relief at the news, highlighting that HRTC had been making contingency plans, including deploying electric buses, to accommodate potential disruptions during the strike period.

As the buses prepare to ply the roads once again, the decision to cancel the strike brings a sense of normalcy and reliability to the public transportation system in Shimla. Commuters can now look forward to a seamless and uninterrupted travel experience without the looming threat of a strike.