In a resolute effort to curb the illegal liquor trade, the State Tax and Excise Department recently conducted a series of operations across the Sirmaur district, resulting in the seizure of approximately 20,500 liters of illicit liquor, alongside 115 boxes of English liquor and beer.

Excise Commissioner Dr. Yunus, informed that a team meticulously executed raids at various locations, unearthing substantial quantities of contraband. In these operations, the team successfully seized 7,000 liters, 4,000 liters, and 9,500 liters of Lahan, commonly called country liquor, across different areas in Sirmaur. Astonishingly, some of this illegal liquor production was discovered hidden within the dense forests of Toka-Nagla, highlighting the audacity of those involved in this illicit trade. The discovery near a drain in the forest’s heart underscored the operation’s clandestine nature.

In addition to these seizures, the Excise Department team based in Mandi took action on Wednesday night, confiscating 115 boxes of English liquor and beer intended for sale in Chandigarh. This notable interception not only disrupted the illegal distribution network but also safeguarded consumers from potentially hazardous products.

In a separate operation in Shimla, the authorities seized silver jewellery with an estimated value of Rs. 3.33 lakh. This jewellery was found without the necessary valid bills and documents, prompting the imposition of a fine of Rs. 20,000. Dr. Yunus emphasized that, to date, the department has seized undocumented jewellery valued at around Rs. 23 crore, initiating legal action under the GST Act. Furthermore, the department has been relentless in its fight against illegal liquor production, with approximately 87,000 bulk liters of contraband alcohol seized and subsequently destroyed. This continued commitment exemplifies the department’s dedication to zero tolerance for illicit liquor production and tax evasion.

The Excise Commissioner also took the opportunity to inform the public about the 24×7 control room, which plays a pivotal role in these operations. He urged the public to report any instances of illegal liquor production or tax evasion by dialling the toll-free number 18001808060 or reaching out via WhatsApp at 94183-31426.