Two Nepali Smugglers Lead Police to Ravi Giri, Main Player in Shimla Opium Trade

Shimla – In a significant breakthrough, the Shimla police have seized 1.5 kg of opium and uncovered a larger smuggling operation in the region. The seizure came following the arrest of two Nepali smugglers, Tilak Bohra and Sudhir Buddha, at Narkanda of Shimla district.

During interrogation, Bohra and Buddha revealed information leading to the identification of Ravi Giri as the main player in the opium trade in Shimla. Giri, a Nepali resident living at Narkanda, allegedly operated his smuggling activities under the guise of a legitimate business in Shimla.

Confirming the developments, DSP Theog Siddharth Sharma stated, “Our investigation has revealed that Ravi Giri is the central figure in this opium smuggling network.” The police have initiated further actions to dismantle the smuggling ring, including freezing Giri’s assets and bank accounts linked to transactions amounting to Rs 3.40 crore over the past two years.

The arrest of Giri makes a major breakthrough in the ongoing efforts of police to combat drug trafficking in Shimla. Police continue to investigate the extent of the smuggling operation, aiming to dismantle the network completely and ensure all involved parties face legal consequences.