Shimla – In a proactive move to address long-pending payment dues disputes, the Himachal Pradesh Housing and Urban Development Authority (HIMUDA) has given the green light to a One-Time Settlement (OTS) policy. This significant decision was made during the 52nd meeting of HIMUDA’s Board of Directors, presided over by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

The approved One-Time Settlement policy aims to provide relief to allottees across the state who have faced disputes and uncertainties regarding their outstanding payment dues. The policy offers these individuals an opportunity to settle their dues at a significantly reduced rate, thereby alleviating the financial burden on the public while facilitating a smoother path to resolve disputes.

The policy provides a structured framework for allottees to settle their payment dues and regularize their outstanding financial obligations with HIMUDA. This is expected to bring much-needed respite to numerous individuals who may have been struggling with financial uncertainties due to disputes or payment arrears.

Furthermore, the HIMUDA Board of Directors has directed the organization to make provisions for the regularization of building attics under the One-Time Settlement Policy. This move ensures that attics, an integral part of many structures, are brought under a consistent policy framework, in line with the decisions taken by the state government.

This One-Time Settlement policy not only eases the financial burden on the public but also consolidates resources for HIMUDA, enabling the organization to reinvest these funds in further activities for the greater good of the public.