In a display of rare political candour, Rajender Rana, a senior Congress leader in Himachal Pradesh, has taken the remarkable step of questioning his own government. Rana, who represents Sujanpur in the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, penned a poignant letter addressed to the Chief Minister, raising several pressing issues that demand immediate attention.

In the letter, dated a recent Saturday, Rana tried to draw the government’s focus towards critical problems facing the state, particularly those affecting its youth and the need for enhanced transparency in governance.

Rana’s letter meticulously outlines seven distinct concerns that he believes urgently warrant the government’s consideration. Perhaps the most pressing issue he highlights is the prolonged delay in announcing the results of various recruitment examinations. Due to paper leaks, the futures of countless young individuals who successfully cleared these exams hang in the balance. Rana implores the Chief Minister to expedite the resolution of this matter, acknowledging the high hopes that the youth have vested in the Congress government.

Another issue of paramount importance raised by Rana is the dormant state of the Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission, headquartered in Hamirpur. He advocates for its swift revival by appointing an upright officer to oversee its operations, emphasizing the need to restore public faith in government institutions.

Rana does not stop there. He calls for stringent action against police officers implicated in the police recruitment scam, underscoring the government’s responsibility to uphold accountability and justice in such cases.

Furthermore, he advocates for a comprehensive investigation into the fake degree cases within the state, urging the intervention of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Rana believes that this move would ensure an impartial inquiry into the allegations, thereby reaffirming the government’s commitment to transparency and fairness.

The plight of outsourced workers, a concern that the Congress party had previously raised during their time in opposition, also finds its place in Rana’s letter. He urges the government to make definitive decisions that would safeguard the rights and well-being of these workers.

Lastly, Rana turns his attention to the dedicated nursing staff who played an indispensable role during the COVID-19 pandemic. He stresses the immediate need for concrete actions that would secure their interests and future, acknowledging their unwavering commitment during the crisis.

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