Well, the rallies and allegations, defense and counterattack, rushing from one place to another, meeting people and wooing them to vote for the party is all but imminent in the elections. HP state assembly elections are nothing different. Political leaders are the busiest people nowadays. They are working as much as they wouldn’t have worked for the last five years.

Jokes apart, today we will take you to the Nahan constituency where the political arena is heating up like no other. The reason being, there are four candidates contesting for the seat and the matter become even more serious as all the contestants were once the member of HP Vidhan Sabha. The four candidates who are trying their fate from Nahan include: Kush Parma (Congress), Rajeev Bindal (BJP), Shayama Sharma (HLP) and Sadanand Chauhan as an independent candidate.

Among the four candidates, all the three other than Rajiv Bindal, who was formally the health minister in Dhumal regime, have represented Nahan seat in the Vidhan Sabha. So, Rajeev Bindal, who represented Solan constituency last time, is a new face in Nahan and all the opposition contestants are calling him outsider. The voters of Nahan are in real confusion as to who they should vote for. But on the other hand, they know if Mr. Bindal wins, he might be a cabinet minister again, while there are little, if not rare, chances of any of the three to get a cabinet ministry.

So, there is a real tough job before the people of Nahan. We hope that predicament isn’t increasing with each passing day. We just keep our fingers crossed and wait to see who the electorate of Nahan gives command to lead them this time.