Shimla – A powerful explosion tore through a restaurant in the bustling Middle Bazar of Shimla, resulting in one fatality and leaving several individuals injured. The blast, which occurred on Tuesday, sent shockwaves through the city, turning a vibrant market into a scene of devastation and despair.

The explosion took place at a private restaurant situated in the heart of Middle Bazar. The exact cause of the blast is believed to be a malfunctioning AC compressor, which unleashed a tremendous force, causing widespread destruction within the vicinity.

Eyewitnesses described a state of panic and chaos immediately following the explosion. The sound of the blast reverberated through the streets, creating a sense of fear and confusion among those nearby. Initially, there were speculations of a kitchen cylinder explosion, intensifying the atmosphere of apprehension.

However, as the dust settled, the true extent of the tragedy became apparent. Quick-thinking individuals, including restaurant staff and passersby, sprang into action, attempting to rescue those trapped inside the kitchen area. Despite their heroic efforts, one person lost their life as a result of the blast.

Emergency services were swiftly deployed to the scene, with police vehicles and ambulances rushing the injured to the nearby Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) Hospital. Medical personnel worked tirelessly to stabilize the wounded and provide them with the necessary care and treatment.

The impact of the explosion was not limited to the restaurant premises. Shattered glass and debris were scattered across Middle Bazar and the surrounding Mall Road area. Windows and doors of nearby houses, shops, and showrooms were blown apart, causing injuries to unsuspecting pedestrians and adding to the overall chaos and destruction.

The exact circumstances leading to the explosion are currently under investigation. Authorities have deployed a forensic team to gather evidence and determine the precise cause of the blast. Preliminary findings suggest a malfunction in the AC compressor, particularly the fan, as the likely trigger for the tragic incident. A comprehensive analysis will be conducted to ascertain the sequence of events leading to the explosion.