In a significant move to strengthen the organizational structure of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Himachal Pradesh, State President Dr Rajeev Bindal announced the appointment of 17 district presidents. Among the notable appointments was the independent candidate, Bilaspur’s Swatantra Sanmanyan, who was chosen as the District President, reflecting the party’s commitment to inclusivity.

The newly appointed district presidents are as follows:

  1. Ratan Singh Pal – Solan
  2. Vinay Gupta – Sirmaur
  3. Balbir Chaudhary – Una
  4. Nihal Chand – Mandi
  5. Dheeraj Narayal – Kangra
  6. Sachin Sharma – Nurpur
  7. Sanjeev Sharma – Dehra
  8. Haridutt Sharma – Palampur
  9. Rajendra Bodh – Lahaul Spiti
  10. Arvind Chandel – Kullu
  11. Heera Lal – Sundernagar
  12. Deshraj Sharma – Hamirpur
  13. Balbir Chowdhary – Chamba
  14. Swatantra Sanmanyan – Bilaspur
  15. Arun Falta – Mahasu
  16. Prem Thakur – Shimla
  17. Yashwant Negi – Kinnaur

In a statement, Dr. Rajeev Bindal expressed his congratulations to all the newly appointed district presidents, emphasizing their critical role in advancing the party’s objectives at the local level.

Furthermore, the outgoing district presidents were not overlooked, as they were appointed as members of the State Working Committee. The individuals appointed to this committee are as follows:

  1. Jasveer Singh Nagpal – Chamba
  2. Chandrabhushan Nag – Kangra
  3. Bhim Sen – Kullu
  4. Ranveer Singh – Mandi
  5. Harish Sharma – Hamirpur
  6. Manohar Lal Sharma – Una
  7. Ashutosh Vidya – Solan
  8. Vijay Parmar – Shimla
  9. Sanjeev Hara – Kinnaur

Dr. Rajeev Bindal assured that these appointments would take effect immediately, further emphasizing the party’s commitment to effective and efficient governance in the state. The reshuffle is expected to invigorate the party and strengthen its presence across all districts, preparing them for future political challenges.