Anurag Thakur, the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, has hailed the film “The Kerala Story” for its efforts to present the truth about the dangerous conspiracy of global terrorism and religious conversion in Kerala. Thakur watched the film in the capital and stated that it was a document that exposed the nefarious conspiracies of organizations such as the global terrorist organization ISIS against India.

The minister also slammed the West Bengal government for banning the film and accused the opposition of indulging in appeasement politics. He emphasized the importance of fighting terrorism and saving innocent daughters of India from being recruited by terrorist organizations.

“The Kerala Story” sheds light on how innocent women are lured into joining terrorist organizations under the guise of love. It boldly exposes the truth about religious conversion and the conspiracy that has been going on for years against the country, Thakur said.

According to the minister, the film not only educates people but also serves as a tool to combat terrorism. He believes that the truth presented in the film will benefit the fight against terrorism.

Thakur also criticized Congress and the Left for denying the truth for the last decade and questioned whether they stood with the innocent girls of India or against them. He added that banning the film in West Bengal was an injustice to the sisters and daughters of the state, and the government’s actions only give strength to terrorists.

Overall, Thakur praised “The Kerala Story” for its efforts to present the truth and expose the dangerous conspiracies against India.