Bahra University

Solan: Indian Society of Agroforestry has honoured noted farm scientist Prof P.K Khosla with the Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 for his contributions to agroforestry research and development. 

An alumnus of Oxford University, Dr Khosla was instrumental in starting agroforestry education in the country for conservation and scientific investigations of the Himalayan trees. Prof Khosla was also at the forefront in establishing the Indian Society of Tree Scientists (ISTS) and worked as its secretary as well as Secretary-General for more than two decades. 

Dr Khosla, presently rendering his services as Chancellor of Shoolini University, Solan, has edited more than 15 books relating to agroforestry. Prof Khosla organised several National and International Conferences on Agroforestry which earned him a distinguished place in the fraternity of Indian top scientists.

He has played a key role in greening the mid-Himalayas and was popularly known as a Green Scientist.

The award was conferred on four dignitaries starting 2017-20 and Prof P.K Khosla was first to receive the award (2017). Other scientists to receive the awards were Dr P.S Pathak, Former Director, Indian Grassland Institute, Jhansi (2018), Dr Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary DARE and Director General, ICAR, New Delhi (2019) and Dr Ravi Prabhu, CIFOR, ICRAF, Nairobi (2020)

The function was held online mode today and Dr Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR was the Chief Guest of the function.  One hundred participants including eminent scientists in the subject retired and serving from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and International Council of Agroforestry, Nairobi and many other international scientists participated in the function.

15 august 2021