Solan: Solan Municipal Corporation elections witnessing high voltage political campaign from both Congress and BJP to ensure their candidates’ victory.   

Congress leader Rajinder Rana on Tuesday dared the ruling BJP to hold a debate on development works carried out in Solan. Rana blamed BJP for failing to realise its earlier poll promises made in the 2017 Assembly poll.

Rana also questioned a need of putting Chief Minister to campaign in the MC elections to seek votes in every ward.

Responding to the Rana’s allegations, BJP’s Rajeev Bindal reminded that the BJP gave MC, vegetable and Fruit mandi, Bus Stand, Kumarhatti Bye-Pass, Giri water scheme are among many development projects initiated by the BJP in Solan, Bindal further added.

Responding to the allegations of Rana for dragging Chief Minister for campaigning in MC elections, Bindal said that the Chief Minister is the face of development.

“We are going to the public with commitment of development and Chief Minister is the face of development” Bindal said.

Questioning the Congress’ contribution in making Solan Municipal Corporation, Bindal reminded that during previous government he had raised the issue of making Solan corporation, but Solan MLA and then cabinet minister hardly spoke about it. “Due to the failure of not making corporation, Solan has lost funding under Smart City and other projects” Bindal claimed.     

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.