Shimla: Fisheries Minister clarified the reports that consuming fish and its related products don’t spread Corona virus. Minister, in a press statement, clarified that the information appearing in various mediums of media that fish can spread Crona virus are misleading. He said

“No such research has been published so far that eating fish or its products spreads the virus.”

Kanwar said that this false propaganda can impact the sale of fish and its related products, which can further directly, affect the farmers, earning a livelihood from the fisheries industry.

Fisheries Minister said that an advisory has been received in this direction from Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries, Government of India, which has denied that Corona virus spreads out of fish.

He has urged the people of the state to avoid such rumours and said that fish and its products can be used by adopting normal hygiene.

Kanwar said that many other industries are also indirectly related to the fisheries sector. Therefore, any misleading publicity related to fish and fishery products would directly affect the earning of the people associated with this industry. He said that consumers would also get deprived of rich protein and other nutrients consisting of these products.

 Fisheries Minister said that so far, no reports of corona virus infection have been received anywhere in the world through fisheries. In the past too, there has been no infection anywhere through fisheries. Therefore, it is completely safe to consume fish and its products, he added.