Shimla: For the prevention and control of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in livestock, the Animal husbandry department has vaccinated about 50,000 animals in the state.

Cabinet Minister Virender Kanwar claimed of taking effective steps for the prevention of disease in the livestock. Kanwar said that necessary guidelines had been issued to the Animal Husbandry Department for the prevention of this disease.

“Containment zones have been set up to control the disease and necessary steps have also been taken to control the disease by isolating the diseased livestock. Abundant medicines etc. have been made available through the Animal Husbandry Department,” Minister added.

Virender Kanwar said about 1,19,591 doses of vaccine are available with the department and instructions have been given to buy medicine or vaccine from the open market also if required.

A total of 18,256 active cases of LSD were reported in the state and 5,630 animals had recovered and 513 livestock have died due to LSD in the state.

Virender Kanwar said that proper monitoring of cases and daily reporting on LSD has also been ensured.