Solan: A Special Investigation Team has found fake degrees of unauthorized courses and unchecked answer sheets of already issued degrees at Solan based Manav Bharti University. A team had raided the University Campus on Friday and has seized the fake degrees and other related documents.

As per report of leading English daily, investigation team has found as many as 10,000 blank degrees pertaining to professional courses in the University.

Newspaper further reported that the University officials have revealed that 27,000 degrees had been printed and the 10,000 blank degrees were part of that lot.

Investigation team has also found unchecked answer-sheets of individuals already issued degrees by the university. On one issued degree carried a note that read: “Rs 35,000 received as first-year fee through RTGS on December 29,2016 of the total 1.25 lakh.” In another case, a BCA degree had been awarded to a person whose answer-sheets were unchecked.

During the search, investigation team has found documents of irregularities in Madhav University, the sister concern of Manav Bharti University in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Team has seized the documents of Madhav University as well.

Investigation team has also seized as many as 30 hard disks of the university and sealed all five stores in the academic block.

Few days back, following media reports, a fake degree scam had rocked the nation. UGC had received a letter, in which it was alleged that 13 Universities across the nation had issued over 18 lakhs Fake Degrees and two of them are in Himachal Pradesh.

Meanwhile, other private University has rejected the allegations and claimed of not issuing any fake degree. Shimla based private University had claimed that the University has so far issued less than 2000 degrees.