Gudiya Helpline Number:  1515
Hoshiyar Singh Helpline Number: 1090
Nationwide Emergency Response System (NERS) Number:  112

Shimla: Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur today launched the ‘Shakti App’ for protection of women. Any women at the time of any trouble can press the red button of the App.

The app is designed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) Himachal Pradesh for the police. App is both in Hindi and English language.

State Informatics Officer Ajay Singh Chahal informed that App does not require internet connectivity. On hard shake, during scuffle, the App would automatically send the GPS location of the sender.

Even if the phone drops down, the message would be sent to the nearest police control room within 20 seconds. The Shakti App will also do auto audio and video recording.

Besides, the Chief Minister also launched the “GUDIYA” helpline number 1515 and Hoshiyar Singh helpline on toll-free number 1090.

The Chief Minister himself talked on both the toll-free numbers of GUDIYA and Hoshiyar Singh helpline and congratulated the State Police Department and the State NIC Department for the initiative.

Chief Minister said that it was an initiative for protection of women of the state and to control crime against women. It was unfortunate that the image of the police was damaged in the infamous Gudiya Rape and murder case, and we want to ensure that such incidents don’t happen in Himachal Pradesh again.

The Chief Minister also said that Hoshiyar Helpline would be monitored by CM office. He said that the government would come heavily on different types of mafias in the State, may it be drug mafia, forest or mining mafia.

He said that the State Government has fulfilled it’s three promises within one month of governance related to social security and law and order.

DGP SR Mardi detailed in brief the working of the apps and said that besides these other emergency helpline numbers were 9459100100, which was WhatsApp number, SMS number is 9459100100, Nationwide Emergency Response System (NERS) Call number is 112.

DGP said that the Hoshiyar Singh helpline would be monitored by Chief Ministers’ office 24×7.

Education Minister Suresh Bhardwaj was also present on the occasion amongst Chief Secretary Vineet Chawdhry, Principal Secretary to CM Manisha Nanda and other senior civil and Police officers of the State Government.

Updated on 31 October 2019

Hoshiyar Singh Helpline

Helplines are proving beneficial for the common public. On Hoshiyar Singh Helpline (1090), which was introduced to crack down on the activities of drug, forests and mining mafias, the police has received 2156 complaints.  

Hoshiyar Singh Helpline (1090) Complaint FIR
  2156 20

As per information provided by the state Police, in Hoshiyar Singh Helpline, complaints of illegal Mining were highest as department has received 1532 complaints from across the state, Forest 185, NDPS 160, Encroachment 45 and Others 234 cases were reported so far.  Out of total 2156 complaints 20 FIR have been registered.

The information received on this Hoshiyar Singh Helpline is being monitored round the clock by the Chief Minister’s office.

Gudiya Helpline (1515)

Gudiya Helpline (1515) Complaint Pending FIR
  2934 63 140

Shakti Button

The Shakti Button initiative has proved failure so far as most of the complaints were proved bogus. As per detail total, 3382 complaints were received through the Shakti button and only 1 FIR was registered. Features like hard shake, and phone drops down were disabled from the application as the police department were receiving false or unintended messages.