Shimla: Demanding to fix the responsibility for jaundice outbreak in the Shimla town and the adjoining areas, the Shimla legislature has demanded judicial enquiry by a sitting High Court judge.

Shimla MLA Suresh Bhardwaj, while speaking to the media, blamed the Irrigation and Public Health Department (I&PH), Shimla Municipal Corporation and Pollution Control Board for the outbreak of jaundice.

Bhardwaj stated the due to their gross negligence outbreak of jaundice has turned in an epidemic form and about 15,000 residents of the city and adjoining areas are affected with it. He demanded adequate compensation for the deceased and patients and sought special medical leaves for employees.

Former BJP state president blamed government for not taking the situation seriously and demanded strict action against those responsible. He termed the registration of case and arrest of a few persons by Special Investigation Team eyewash.

Suresh Bhardwaj also suggested to close the schools till February 20.

However, MC Shimla has written to the Chief Minister to start exploring possibilities to get water supply from Chanshal. CPM leaders Sanjay Chauhan and Tikender Singh Panwar, in their joint letter to Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, advised him to keep the Chanshal Water Supply Scheme in the plan for the year which will once and for all settle the water woes in Shimla and adjoining townships.

The Shimla MC has also demanded capital grant of Rs. 100 crore from the state government to revamp its existing infrastructure especially roads, water drains etc. Shimla MC Leaders clarified that the residents of Shimla city contribute immensely to the city development and cannot be taxed further. They said

“The total per capita revenue contribution just for municipal finances is more than Rs 4142.00 (the IMFR report states Rs 595.00 for the state of HP), which is phenomenally high and do not have any further Capacity to be taxed. Similarly the residents also provide another contribution in the form of income, sales tax etc.”

The government after the 14th finance commission has a phenomenal jump in the financial strength and has a bounden duty to transfer the resources to local bodies. Since Shimla happens to be one of the oldest municipality of the country it must be supported for infrastructure development.