Shimla MC budget

Mayor Sanjay Chauhan presented deficit budget of Rs. 4440 lakhs of the Shimla Municipal Corporation here today. Even though budget deficits widened by good 20 percent from previous one, MC presented Tax free populist budget in the house.

In his budget speech, Chauhan revealed that the Shimla MC expecting to earn Rs. 12172.30 lakhs in the financial year 2015-16, which includes both the revenue and capital income.

The Corporation is expected to earn Rs. 1812.59 lakhs from tax, Rs 2176.29 from assigned revenues and compensation, Rs. 509.50 lakhs from rental income-MC properties, Rs. 3725.94 lakhs from fees and user charges, Rs. 14.75 lakhs from sale and hire charges, Rs 75 lakhs from revenue grants contribution and subsidies, Rs. 60 lakhs from investments, Rs. 23.99 lakhs from interests and Rs. 27 lakhs from other incomes like film shootings etc.

The Shimla MC is also expecting to get Rs. 3547.24 lakhs from grants, contribution for specific purpose and secured loan of Rs. 200 lakhs.

Against incomes from various sources, the MC expected expenditure is Rs. 16612.30 lakhs, which is deficit by Rs. 4440 lakhs.

As per the expenditure data, the MC committed expenditure of establishment expenses is expected to be Rs. 5149 lakhs, administrative Rs. 519.07, operations and maintenance Rs. 4731.43 lakhs, interest and finance charges Rs. 0.50 lakhs, program expenses Rs 7 lakhs, revenue grants, contributions and subsidies Rs. 303.20 lakhs, prior period items Rs. 2 lakhs, fixed asserts Rs. 2052.27 lakhs, capital works in progress Rs. 3547. 74 lakhs and Rs. 300 lakhs for store purchase.

The budget focussed on overall development of the town and for the first time a decentralised form of development has been focussed where Rs 30 lacs will be spent in the wards in consultation with the ward committees and Rs 15 lacs will be with councillors priority.

The money will be spent apart from meeting the establishment expenses a major chunk will go towards development of the town. Focus will be laid on providing adequate and proper services in the domain of water, proper electricity on streets, good roads and better sewerage connectivity.

The budget addresses the concerns and demands of the people of the town which includes new parks and playgrounds for the young, better transport facility for the citizens which includes focused public transport and varied forms like battery operated vehicles/ golf carts, pink taxis for women, and even rope ways which are in the final stages.

The budget has tried to address the issues of the citizens with respect to the deliverability of the services and focus will be laid on e governance and strengthening of ward committees. Focus will also be laid for skill development where a target of 1800 people has been kept to train on various fields. Also 2 city livelihood centres will be opened to ensure that the pooled skills are given a place for queries and assistance.

The budget also focussed on the poor and marginalised sections of the society. New labour hostels will be constructed and the street vendors will be rehabilitated.

The Shimla MC has reiterated zero tolerance for corruption and better transparency. The e-governance will be implemented to provide better facilities for the people.

The budget has also focussed on keeping the city clean and efforts will be made to strengthen the SEHB Society. A feedback mechanism will be evolved for providing better facilities to the people of the town.

The budget also lays stress on some major infrastructure projects which will held in making the city beautiful and will make the city more lively.

New toilets will be added to the total number and the old ones will be repaired with a budgetary allocation for the same.

Majority of councilors have criticised the budget and nitpicked for not introducing any initiatives for generation of income of the MC.