Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh dismissed media reports about his Income Tax matter and asserted that the media is subjecting him and his family members to a malicious trail using false and baseless stories about it.

Virbhadra Singh, in his press statement, clarified that news reports that have appeared in some media section were biased, politically motivated and with an ulterior objective of spreading misinformation and misleading the people at large.

He accused political opponents with some vested interests for running biased personal investigations into the matters of his family and were behaving like reckless complainants, prosecutors and judges unto themselves.

CM said that it was surprising that some people were claiming access to the ongoing internal proceedings and classified documents of the Income Tax Department, which if true is against norms of secrecy and governance.

He said that the matter pertaining to their Income Tax returns were sub-judice and were being looked into by the Income Tax authorities. CM said

“it appears that these people have no faith in the judiciary and the process of law. These people should have the patience to wait for the outcome of the investigations being conducted by the central agencies. They should have faith in the functioning of these agencies and the process of law”

Chief Minister said that unnecessary hype was being created in the media by suppressing, fabricating and distorting facts to malign his image and influence the ongoing proceedings in the matter.

He said that unlike his detractors, he has full faith in the Rule of Law and was always ready and willing to subject himself to the process of law.

Virbhadra Singh said the false and fabricated cases made against him and his family members would not stand and he would come out clean as before. He said that malicious mud-slinging against him would not stick as he has done no wrong.