Bahra University

After Congress chief Kaul Singh allegations against BJP government over giving land to outsider in Himachal Pradesh, former Congress minister and now suspended from the party Major Vijay Singh Mankotia has targeted Govt on the same issue.

Mankotia, who is better known for his political battle against Virbhadra Singh, has now targeted Prem Kumar Dhumal-led government and alleged that Govt has given a freehand to criminals to buy land in the hill state. He claimed that Gopal Kanda, the accused in Geetika Sharma suicide case, has a major share in a private university that has come up in Indora area of Kangra. He asserted that Govind Kanda, brother of Gopal Kanda has 90% ownership in the university. Mankotia alleged that Himachal has become a safe haven for people like Kanda to convert black money into white.

Mankotia alleges that university authorities have misled him on the information he demanded about the ownership status through RTI application. He further added that university authorities gave him wrong information by stating that the trustees of the university are the same as earlier.

Mankotia said this in reference to investment in universities, where there are fears of investors turning their black money into white. He alleged that Himachal Pradesh is becoming safe heaven for such people and in the long run it can volatile Himachal’s situation as Assam is facing today. Mankotia said a time would come when most of the land would be purchased by outsiders and the hill state would lose its identity and would be more like extension of Punjab and Haryana. He cautions that Himachal will be next Assam in India and the situation here will be more volatile than the north-eastern state.