Himachal Pradesh Congress welcomes the decision of High Court for banning Yog camps of Baba Ramdev in the state. In a press communiqué Industries Minister Mukesh Agnihotri said that Baba Ramdev had became more of a political leader rather than a yogi.

Agnihotri said that as the election were nearing Baba Ramdev taking advantage of Yoga camps was advocating to vote in favour of BJP candidates all over the country. He termed Ramdev as an agent of BJP. The minister advised him to concentrate on Yoga and refrain from making derogatory remarks against the congress leadership”.

He also accused Ramdev for dividing people on basis of caste and religion and his comment against Rahul Gandhi on dalit proves it. He said

Ramdev projects himself as secular but Ramdev’s ostentatious remarks, Rahul doesn’t wants to marry a ‘desi’ girl, however, he likes going to Dalits places for picnics and honeymoons, reveals of his communal mindset and has drawn flaks from all quarters

Earlier Election Commission of India has canceled Baba Ramdev Yog Camps in Himachal and Swabhiman Trust has unsuccessfully approached Himachal Pradesh High Court.