Reacting sharply to the press statement of Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Prem Kumar Dhumal, Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition said that only those go to jails who are involved in corruption and not those who highlight the corruption.

Prem Kumar Dhumal in his statement said that BJP leaders have raised various issues against Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, regarding transactions in his bank accounts, income tax returns, raising loan from Vakkamullah Chandershekhar, exorbitant income only in three years from his orchards and filing of wrong affidavits at the time of his election in 2012, but he has dosed all these issues and replied none in the right perspective.

Former Chief Minister further stated that he himself has raised these issues a number of times through different channels and has even addressed a DO letter to the Chief Minister on 6th on 10 points with a copy to the Congress National President Sonia Gandhi but without any result. Dhumal said that the Chief Minister has time to address press at Delhi and distort the facts but he has no time to reply to even a single question after call the press conference at Shimla.

Dhumal said that no doubt this project was initially allotted during his first tenure on 14.06.2002 alongwith other projects, but the process for its cancellation for providing wrong information was also initiated by his government on 21.12.2002. Based on this, the project was cancelled by the Congress Govt. in Nov., 2003. Subsequently, on 2 other occasions also the Congress Govt. reiterated its earlier decision and finally the project was cancelled.

The Company approached the High Court through a Writ Petition which was dismissed in 2005 and the decision of the Govt. was upheld. Thereafter, the Company approached the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court of H.P. and the Supreme Court rather than deciding the case on merit directed the state government to reconsider its decision.

Clearing his stand on Sai Kothi Hydro Electric Project, The Congress Govt rather than sticking to its earlier decision and against the order of the High Court of H.P. allotted the project to M/s. Venture Energies & Infrastructure Ltd. on 28.04.2007.

Leader of Opposition further stated that thus, it’s clear that the project was actually allotted on 28.04.2007 and not on 14.06.2002 as is being made out by Virbhadra Singh. He further clarified that BJP Govt. gave extension to this project alongwith others under a transparent policy and not by raising personal loans or making investments in the shares of the company. So far as the special extension of 10 months under the orders of High Court is concerned, it is absolutely incorrect as there were no such orders. This was done by the Govt. itself against the policy.

Dhumal quipped that Chief Minister should clarify that the person who could not pay Rs. 58.19 lacs as dues of the Government; how can such a person pay loans worth crores to him.

On defamation case filed by Virbhadra Singh, Dhumal stated that he has full faith in the judiciary of the country and has highest regard for it and he is confident that ultimately truth will prevail and “Truth” will be his defence in these before the Courts.