Leader of the Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal is going all out to motivate party cadre for the forthcoming general election. Dhumal took part in workshops of party workers at Mandi, Balh and Nachan and asked party cadre to work vigorously to strengthen the party at the grass-roots level. Mandi district party president Jawahar Thakur, Ram Swarup Sharma, Ajay Rana and many other party leaders attended the workshop.

Dhumal said that the BJP would ride on Prime Ministerial candidate Narender Modi’s wave if the grass-roots workers strengthen each polling booth to translate the wave and issues of corruption, price rise, unemployment and national security into votes.

Former Chief Minister said that the real electoral battle would be fought at the booth level. He emphasized that party men would need to establish links with the people at the ground level and aware the electorates about the present political and economical scenarios of the nation. He said that multi billion scandals and wrong policies of UPA government have cost dearly to the nation’s economy and BJP workers need to take it to the electorates. Dhumal asked party workers to unite for the cause of nation and make 2014 election a first step towards strong nation.