Himachal Pradesh has sixteen private universities and in this admission month all of them are claiming to provide 100 percent placement to students. In this time of uncertainty, where inflation and other unforeseen reasons lead to huge job cuts at national and international level, how far these universities claims can be proven right, we’ll have to wait for a few more years because most of universities are dependent on the concept of mass placement, where hundreds of job seekers are observed by the recruiters by choosing them on the basis of few rounds of interview and other activities.

Everything looks good initially but then their conditions starts to pour which firstly is that you have to clear a minimum of 4 to 5 months of training with regular assessment. If you are unable to achieve a certain percentage in these weekly exams then you are asked to leave the training.

This practice is so famous because of some reasons as for the company it provides cheap labour and can mould a employee on their conditions as the students are in a desperation to continue the training at any given condition and for the university they get the tag of some big renowned company and a 100% placement tag which is not exactly true because these companies have a track record of retaining only 20% of the actual students which were hired during the placement drive.

Now the question arises, is it a 100 percent placement? What about those students who were chucked out during the so called process of training (where figure goes almost to 80 percent)? Does any university up there to give clear answer on it?

However to answer these questions, many these private universities were claiming to furnish its students for such future challenges and claiming to start/initiate some small education programme capsules with the collaboration of some esteemed foreign education establishment, which they claim to prepare students for the future challenges or to equip its students with modern skill for the better job placement. Such things regularly make rounds in the press columns.

APG Shimla University, which claims to aspire the paragon of the comprehensive educational institution of the new century by fusing together a holistic teaching philosophy with innovative course content, also claims to overcome all these problems. APG claimed to have a dedicated Placement Cell in collaboration with SHINE.COM (one of leading recruiting agency) which handles its all placements and also boost to have a corporate relationship with many big brands which University is expecting to observe its students.

To prepare its students for the industry challenges, APG Shimla University has introduced a special programme, in which special faculty of the University conducted mock interviews, Group discussion and other effective Coram on Saturday every week.

APG Shimla University also arranged regular guest lectures (mostly renowned experienced faculty to give first hand information to students) and case studies to prepare students for the future challenges. APG claimed that its extra curriculum were handled by experienced HR executives or esteemed guests from renowned Company. University official believed that this enhances the confidence and soft skills of the student and indirectly makes them industry ready.

APG Shimla University has also started a concept of summer internship for all students of the university provided by the university itself with the help of its corporate ties. University believes that it’s special soft skill programme make students confident enough to face the corporate pressure and prepare them for the coming challenges.

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