APG Shimla University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with APS Sports Training Pvt Ltd to promote sports activities among its students for their all-round development. The collaboration aims to engage students in sports activities alongside their studies, keeping them physically and mentally fit.

As part of the collaboration, former international football player and coach, Krishna Kumar Ekka, will train the students to become better football players and raise awareness about the sport. The APS Sports Training Company will also involve experts in other sports activities to develop sports sense among the students and promote good citizenship.

The collaboration will also see the creation of an APG Sports Club at the university level. Chancellor of APG Shimla University, Engineer Suman Vikrant, believes that sports activities will keep students away from drug abuse and help in their overall development.

The university is introducing value-based alternatives to physical education in its academic curriculum from the new academic session to promote the well-being of the students. Krishna Kumar Ekka interacted with the students of APG Shimla University and assured them that the university would prepare interested students in football to become better players and selected to play for various football clubs.

APS Sports and Training Company Director, Sunil Kumar, and his colleague, Sarita, expressed their commitment to promoting sports activities for the well-being of the students. They believe that being associated with sports keeps a person away from addictions.