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The ever changing and improving technology has become more accessible to teachers in the last few years and is helping them to increase their professional development as well as positive contact with students on a regular basis. Fast improving technology also helping students understand even complex equations and making study easy too. Even improving technology enables to view missed lecture later or by sitting outside of the class.

In a bid to be competitive in ever-increasing higher education sector in Himachal Pradesh, APG University, which is situated in the foothill of Shimla city, is equipping its campus with new and effective technology. Smart interactive whiteboard is one of them, which can record each step of a lesson activity and that can be reviewed later.

Smart interactive whiteboards make the subject come alive and thus lets learners enjoy the interaction with the technology. It helps to capture the attention of learners and encourages their involvement in the subject. This advance technology also enables tutors to use multimedia resources and the internet with a whole class.

APG believes that, “it is a sin to let anything go waste” and therefore, university is promoting digital learning so that its students will never miss even the minutest details pertaining to their study. Digital e-learning ensures students do not miss out on any details of classroom teachings. This culture of learning is supported by through e-books via e-classrooms. At APG, students would attend classes traditionally but to allow you to refer back the lectures, they shall be available on the ‘wi-fi cloud’ within the Campus.

It is a revolutionary step taken towards the modernization of education and learning by harnessing an integral part of recent technological advancement. APG carry the dictum of making the most of the opportunities at APG Shimla University; thus making use of all the logistics available to mankind today in every way.