Shimla – Superintendent of Police (SP) Sanjeev Kumar Gandhi inaugurated the three-day Youth Festival, PRALKH-2023, at APG Shimla University. Organized by the University Student Organization, the festival showcased a variety of cultural programs and sports competitions. Exceptional participants were slated to receive awards on the event’s final day.

IPS Gandhi, in his address, underlined the significance of knowledge and a drug-free lifestyle in ensuring a prosperous and positive future for the youth. Gandhi praised the student organizers and the university’s management for their efforts in promoting the Youth Festival. He emphasized the crucial role played by the younger generation in the progress of society and the nation, recognizing their significant responsibility in shaping the future.

Gandhi acknowledged the prevalence of complex challenges in the contemporary world, with drug addiction emerging as one of the most pressing issues afflicting the youth. He stressed the need for education, counselling and collective societal efforts to shield the younger generation from the clutches of addiction. Highlighting the importance of unity in this endeavour, he advocated for a drug-free society where the youth can thrive.

Furthermore, SP Shimla drew attention to the adverse effects of excessive use of artificial intelligence and modern technology, pointing out the addictive nature of modern technological devices, especially mobile phones. He highlighted the emergence of health issues such as blindness and tumours among the youth due to this excessive use.

Gandhi issued a reminder that any excessive substance use can lead to addiction, resulting in a detrimental impact on one’s life. He encouraged a balanced lifestyle prioritising health and enabling individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

The Youth Festival at APG Shimla University provided a platform for students and participants to contemplate these critical issues. It was a call to action, urging everyone to come together to tackle the challenges posed by addiction and excessive technology use to create a healthier and brighter future for the youth and society.