Shimla – APG Shimla University’s School of Science and Engineering and Technology hosted a two-day National Conference titled “Post-Covid Upheaval and Research.” The event brought together leading experts, researchers and academics to discuss the ever-evolving research landscape in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inaugurating the conference, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rajinder Singh Chauhan set an inspiring tone by emphasizing the indispensable role of sustainable, holistic, and integral research in advancing the well-being of humanity. His words resonated with participants, setting the stage for an intellectually stimulating gathering.

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation by Dr. Navditya Tanwar Kaundal, an eminent figure in the intersection of Health and Law. Dr. Kaundal’s discourse dove deep into the intricacies of post-Covid developments, shedding light on the far-reaching implications and innovative solutions that have emerged in response to the pandemic’s challenges.

Dr. Ravinder Kumar’s presentation on the practical applications of Fuzzy Theory was another standout moment. Attendees gained valuable insights into the real-world relevance of this intricate theoretical framework and how it can be effectively employed across various practical scenarios.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta’s comprehensive analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on research was a significant contribution to the conference. His presentation examined the myriad challenges faced by the research community while also exploring the ways in which the pandemic has reshaped the research landscape.

Chairperson Dr. Maninder Kaur thanked the participants and the organizing committee for their dedication and relentless efforts in ensuring the conference’s success.

The National Conference on “Post-COVID Upheaval and Research” served as a vital platform for intellectual exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that have emerged in the realm of research in the wake of the global pandemic. Researchers, academics, and experts from diverse fields converged to explore innovative solutions and envision a future where research continues to drive progress and human well-being.