The Himachal Pradesh CPM has asked for an immediate resignation of the IPL chairman after the T-20 scoop done by the Delhi police. The party has stated, when two cabinet ministers whose ministry were involved in rail and coal scams had to resign on a similar analogy the IPL chairman should also be asked to step down immediately.

The CPM right since the beginning of the IPL series during Lalit Modi’s period, who also has been indicted and is evading arrest, had categorically stated that the IPL is a slur on the game and is nothing beyond money laundering machine. It has always been and has truly turned into a symbol of corruption where a good chunk of black money is pumped in through many quarters.

The CPM leader and Deputy Mayor MC Shimla Tikender Singh Panwar, in his press communiqué, has termed the present revelation as another add on to the decaying culture of neo liberalism that has left no field untouched , be it politics, academics, judiciary, sports etc. Everything in the market is becoming a saleable commodity. The sportspersons have also become a victim to this market oriented league where sportspersons are being offered a price to be sold in the market. The growing demand of banning the IPL should be fully endorsed and the party supports it. This ruining of the game should be stopped.

The party has also asked for a thorough probe into the alleged connections in between the IPL and the bookies who were involved in buying the players. In his press communiqué, Panwar also targeted HPCA and alleged that the HPCA too has ruined the game and has turned it into a commercial activity. CPM alleged strong nexus in between the land estate mafia, the education mafia and the HPCA in the state of HP that needs to be exposed.

CPM also blamed Congress government to fail to get its due from the HPCA who is supposed to pay for the security cover being offered in the past for the IPL matches. The amount is more than Rs 2 crores. Similarly the Congress is laxative on reclaiming the land that has been offered to the HPCA for building of a 5 star hotel in Dharamshalla which is a community land. Apparently, it seems the government has not gone through the recent judgment of the Supreme Court that forbids such transfer of community land for commercial ventures.

The CPM has asked for a white paper on the HPCA from the government and has asked it to levy tax on the IPL matches in the state. It is a pity that poor performers in a circus are being forced to pay entertainment tax whereas the biggest source of entertainment i.e the IPL in the present time is being left to amass tremendous wealth.