Bahra University

Former Chief Minister and leader of opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal has accused Congress leaders for issuing baseless statements to divert public attention from basic issues like price rise, corruption and failures of Congress governments in the state and at the Centre.

Dhumal was addressing party workers of Bazuri, Khagal, Barnal and Anu. He claimed that the Govt has failed to give a satisfactory reply in the Assembly on the issues which Congress leaders are raising now. Leader of opposition also accused Govt for failing to supply rations to the public through public distribution system counters and claimed that ration depots have been lying empty for the last three months.

Dhumal targeted Virbhadra Singh led Govt and blamed them for making false promises. He alleged that Congress had promised unemployment allowance during elections but just gave skill development allowance. He also rejected the performance of the Govt in its 100 days. BJP stalwart said that Congress led Govt has wasted 100 days in victimising its opponents and transferring government employees.

15 august 2021