Shimla – In a sharp rebuke to the Congress party, the BJP has condemned what it perceives as a pattern of personal attacks and inflammatory rhetoric directed towards its members. BJP spokesperson Balbir Verma, addressing the media, articulated the party’s stance, emphasizing the need for a more respectful and dignified discourse in the political arena.

Verma minced no words in denouncing the language employed by certain Congress leaders, characterizing it as derogatory and unbecoming of political representatives. He cited instances where BJP members were subjected to verbal abuse, including being labelled as “mole,” along with baseless accusations of corruption.

“The BJP will not tolerate such personal attacks,” Verma declared firmly, indicating that the party would respond robustly to any attempts to tarnish its members’ reputations. He stressed the importance of maintaining civility and decorum in political discourse, asserting that ad hominem attacks have no place in a healthy democracy.

Verma’s remarks come amidst a backdrop of escalating tensions between the BJP and Congress, with both parties engaging in verbal sparring amidst the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections.