Shimla – BJP MLA and BJP media department in-charge Randhir Sharma issued a stark warning to the ruling government in Himachal Pradesh, indicating that more MLAs may defect to the BJP. Sharma’s remarks come in the wake of recent defections from the Congress Party to the BJP, signalling a potential shift in the state’s political landscape.

Sharma, while addressing a press conference here today, highlighted the dwindling support for the Congress Party, emphasizing that the number of MLAs backing the party has decreased significantly in Himachal Pradesh. According to Sharma, disillusionment with the government’s policies and leadership has prompted several MLAs to reconsider their allegiance.

“The recent exodus of Congress MLAs to the BJP reflects growing dissatisfaction within the ruling party and a lack of confidence in its ability to govern effectively,” remarked Sharma.

Sharma expressed confidence in the BJP’s prospects, predicting that more Congress MLAs could defect soon.

He criticized Congress for its alleged reluctance to accept the resignation of independent MLAs, labeling it as unconstitutional and indicative of the party’s desperation to cling to power.

In light of the impending by-elections, Sharma insinuated that the Congress is ill-prepared to face the electorate, suggesting a lack of confidence in securing victory. He asserted that the BJP is poised to sweep the upcoming polls, potentially spelling the end of the incumbent government’s tenure.

He further attributed the surge in BJP’s popularity to the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the party’s track record of delivering on its promises. Sharma emphasized that the BJP remains committed to advancing the interests of the people and implementing policies that promote development and prosperity.

“The BJP’s inclusive governance model and focus on grassroots empowerment have resonated with the electorate, leading to a surge in support for the party,” stated Sharma.