Tensions are running high within the BJP in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, as dissent surfaces over the party’s decision to field Sudhir Sharma for the upcoming by-election in the Dharamshala assembly constituency. The upheaval comes amidst the resignation of Rakesh Choudhary, a former BJP candidate, and the discontent expressed by MP Kishan Kapoor.

Rakesh Choudhary, who contested the 2022 assembly elections from Dharamshala on a BJP ticket, announced his resignation from the party, citing betrayal and lack of consultation in the decision to nominate Sudhir Sharma. Choudhary expressed dismay at being sidelined despite contesting against Sudhir in the previous elections, and hinted at exploring options with the Congress or running independently if denied a ticket.

Meanwhile, MP Kishan Kapoor, a prominent BJP leader from Dharamshala, voiced his displeasure over Sudhir’s nomination, highlighting his frustration with the party’s high command. Kapoor criticized the decision-making process and questioned why the sitting MP’s name was not considered for the ticket. He raised concerns over Sudhir’s controversial tenure, marked by alleged hooliganism and discord, and warned of escalating tensions within the BJP.

Kapoor’s discontent underscores broader discontent within the party, with accusations of neglect and authoritarianism directed towards the leadership. He accused former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur of overlooking the interests of the Kangra district and criticized the handling of local politics.

The decision to nominate Sudhir Sharma, a figure associated with past controversies and divisive politics, has ignited fury among BJP members and voters in Dharamshala. Many perceive it as a disregard for the sentiments of the party cadre and the electorate, casting doubt on the party’s commitment to its core principles.

As the by-election looms, the situation remains fluid, with uncertainty clouding the BJP’s prospects in Dharamshala. The coming days may witness further developments as disgruntled voices within the party contemplate their next course of action. Amidst the turmoil, the BJP faces the daunting task of quelling internal dissent while salvaging its electoral prospects in the constituency.