The Excise and Taxation Department has placed an Inspector under suspension for the financial irregularities while posted on the inter-state Chakki barrier. North Zone Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner Hitesh Sharma said the department received complaints that the Inspector charged tax on vehicles entering the state, but did not issue proper receipts, pocketing the money.

Sharma stated that he conducted a check on vehicles near Nurpur on November 8 and drivers of 12 trucks admitted that they had paid tax at the barrier, but were not issued receipts. After that, he checked records at the barrier and Rs 7,000 was recovered from the Inspector’s cabin. During the investigation, the Inspector failed to justify the cash recovered from him.

The matter was reported to Excise and Taxation Commissioner JC Sharma in Shimla. He immediately placed the Inspector under suspension and ordered a departmental inquiry.

Hitesh Sharma said there was a substantial increase of revenue after the removal of the Inspector from the barrier. He said tax collected at the barrier had registered an increase of Rs 1 lakh per day.