Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) President Kuldeep Singh Rathore on Monday sought for public disclosure of income for opening six party offices by BJP in Himachal.

BJP is striving to open magnificent party offices in the districts of Himachal and for this BJP National President J P Nadda on 22 October would be visiting Himachal to lay the foundation stone of six party offices at various places including Nurpur, Kangra, Sundernagar and Kullu.

“This comes at a time when the entire nation is gripped under severe economic crisis owing to COVID-19 and the country’s GDP growth rate of – 24 % and is a cause of concern. The public is in dire straits and are desperately need of assistance. In spite of all this the BJP known for magnificent party offices has not come forward to help the public at this time severe crisis. It is hell bent to dole out money for opening of new party offices,” he said.

“BJP has built a five star party office in Delhi, soon after demonetization and according to rumors the party has spent about Rs 1000 crore, as there is no valid information. It is still a subject of speculation, as BJP did not even respond to the RTI queries,” he claimed, alleging that the BJP is even using money and muscle power in the elections as well and are trying to suppress other political parties.

Congress National President Sonia Gandhi has rightly said that the country’s democracy is under peril, he lamented.        

He alleged that the Prime Minister’s Care Fund and the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund in the state has collected huge amount of funds in the name of COVID-19, however despite of the collection the BJP government at the centre and in Himachal has not offered even an iota of relief to the public that is reeling under increased electricity and water tariffs and bus fares, inflation, taxes.

Seeking for disclosure of collection of resources to build new party offices in Himachal, Rathore said that it was surprising that the even at the time of national crisis owing to pandemic the BJP is set to be the richest party in the world.

“We would not have any objections if things had been normal, however given the situation of the nationwide pandemic, we have our reservations,” he said, adding that each and every section of the public is suffering. People especially the youth have been rendered jobless, the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) have been shut down, small shopkeepers and businessman, hoteliers have suffered huge losses owing to absence of any commercial activity during lockdown, said he.         

The people in Himachal are forced to pay exorbitant prices for cement bags as compared to the neighbouring states despite the fact it is a cement manufacturing state with a number of cement plants.

“Congress party has taken to the streets at the time of pandemic and will continue to protest against the anti-people policies of the state government, he said, adding that the party is determined to fight for the people and to protect the democracy. Congress party has contributed towards the country’s freedom struggle,” said Rathore.