Shimla: In spite of lockdown and recession in economy due to Coronavirus pandemic, the state has earned Rs. 1180 crore from selling liquor vends. Principal Secretary, Excise and Taxation Sanjay Kundu confirmed that left out retail liquor vends of Shimla, Nurpur, Kangra and Sirmaur zones have been sold for Rs. 35.52 crore today.

Sanjay Kundu said that against a total retail liquor vend business of Rs. 1190 crore, the Excise and Taxation Department have been able to sell the business at a price of Rs. 1180 crore in the State. He said that except today’s auctions, rest of the business has been sold at full value. He said that the liquor vends have been sold for the first time without negotiation on renewal tender cum auction basis. 

Kundu said that last year the retail liquor business was valued at Rs. 1085 crore and after negotiation the price went down to Rs. 126 crore and net business was Rs. 959 crore.  He said that against Rs. 959 crore last year, this year the business has been sold for Rs. 1180 crore, which is 221 crores higher than the previous year.

Principal Secretary said that the liquor vends of Shimla zone have been sold at Rs. 2.30 crore, of Nurpur for Rs. 6.03 crore, of Kangra for Rs. 4.80 crore and of Sirmaur for Rs. 22.39 crore. 

Sanjay Kundu said that the due to concerted and pragmatic efforts made by the Government, the Excise and Taxation Department has succeeded in selling all the retail liquor vends in the State.