Chief Electoral Officer Narinder Chauhan said that it is mandatory for all the candidates in fray for Vidhan Sabha Bye-Elections for Nalagarh and Renuka constituency to file two different Affidavits, while filing their nominations as per the directions issued by Election Commission of India.

Chauhan said that Affidavit in Form-26 should clearly contain information regarding pending cases, if any, of the candidates where the charges have been framed and which are punishable with an imprisonment for a minimum period of two years and whether he has been convicted by any court of law for a sentence of one year or more.

Similarly in the second affidavit, as per the format prescribed by the Election Commission of India, the criminal antecedents, assets, liabilities, educational qualification and full details of pending cases, irrespective of framing of charges i.e. even if charges have not been framed are required to be submitted, as per the ruling of Hon’ble Supreme Court.

The Commission further directed that all entries in the Affidavits, both in form-26 and in the format prescribed by the Commission should be preferably typed or if hand written, the entries should be legible and no columns are to be left blank in the Affidavits. If there is nothing to be shown against any particular item, either “NIL” or “NA” (to mean not applicable) should be mentioned.